What is Automation.YT?

Automation.YT is a community forum related to YouTube Automation. You can use the site to use the tools available, gain knowledge by following the free guides and sell and or buy anything related to YouTube automation such as established channels, video content, promotions, unique services, freelancers, and anything else deemed valuable and virtual in nature.

How can you join Automation.YT?

Anyone can join the community to sell or buy products/services, use the features on the website and gain knowledge on YouTube automation. In order to do transaction on the website you have to get verified by proving your identity.

How much does selling on Automation.YT cost?

Sellers are responsible for all fees in each transaction conducted on SWAPD. Use our fee calculator to see how much exactly you will end up with so you know exactly what to charge your buyers. For more information, please see our current payment options and fee chart.

Is SWAPD a paid membership website?

Our marketplace is free to use. However, all transactions have to go through our checkout system, where we charge a fee (covered by sellers) for our service. This fee is only deducted if/when a property (or service) is sold. Our service fee includes buyer/seller screening, secure transfer, and transaction oversight. Our company also features an optional Premium Membership, a paid service.

Why should I use your services?

Strict buyer/seller screening. You will not be able to join if you plan to stay anonymous. SWAPD strives to be a friendly business-to-business community.

Dedicated marketplace. If it’s virtual and holds real monetary value, you can buy/sell/trade it on our website. The world is changing, and so is e-commerce. These days, a simple login to the right place or a virtual asset can be worth a lot of money.

Unique service providers. SWAPD features some of the most unique service providers on the web. They can make you famous, launch your venture into success, or provide the tools you need to make serious money.

The best virtual assets. Click farm-generated properties? Fake bot-filled accounts? Not here. Only genuine properties. We’re NOT in the business of facilitating sales of bulk accounts or fake identities.

Antispam. We do not facilitate spammers. Our primary objective is to provide businesses, webmasters, resellers, and regular joes with the means to buy/sell/trade tools needed for expanding social reach. We frequently check properties sold within our network and ban non-complying members. Creating a better web starts with creating meaningful content, not spam.

Speed. Our team is growing and aims to provide quick support 24/7. Our platform is also user-friendly and blazing fast!

Professional approach. We have been buying and selling virtual properties since 2010. We have the experience and know-how to weed out the bad apples and keep our community free of fake/bot-filled/artificially created properties.

We’re a legally registered business. SWAPD is a sister company of SKYNET. We’re a fully licensed escrow institution registered within the European Union.

What type of payments do we accept?

While payment terms will vary for each transaction, our options include BTC, USDT and ETH.

I have more questions. Who do I contact?

If you still have a question regarding our service, contact our support directly via support@automation.yt